T-Mec purchase Brand new Hill M10 Line array

The M10 is a high-power, high definition, wide dispersion, compact loudspeaker enclosure.

Versatile deployment: as single units, medium-hang clusters, right through to full format Line-Array.
High Power
1,100 Watt power capability (550W RMS) 
136dB SPL - peak (cf4)
124dB SPL - continuous (cf1.414) per M10
(Figures given for single box)
High Definition
Classic Hill Point Source design, which establishes a Coherent Wavefront within inches of the M10 baffle.
Seamless, 6 octave mid-range with ultra-low harmonic distortion cone drivers; no crossover phase anomalies, and minimal power compression.
HF is provided by a Neodymium Energised Compression Driver. This driver's 45mm diaphragm is formed from an extremely rigid Composite Polyester, which delivers very high SPL, with sparkling definition.

Wide dispersion
The quad cone-drivers are arranged on a Constant Arc baffle, giving a consistent sound focus over a full 120 degree horizontal plane.
The seamless 6 octave midrange leaves the remaining HF spectrum at just 2 octaves, allowing the Dispersive Waveguide to achieve consistent HF over the same 120 degrees.

Vertical profile is just 6 inches (150mm) reducing to 4 inches (100mm), allowing installation in tight spaces (eg low ceilings), and narrow angle resolution of Line Array Hangs.
Width is a modest 28 inches with a Depth of 18 inches.


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